Donate Life: Becca’s Organ Donation Results
Donate Life

Donate Life: Becca’s Organ Donation Results

Dear Becca, This past weekend we received a letter that brought so many mixed emotions. It was the results from Intermountain Donor Services. I know we never thought much about being organ donors -- just seemed to make sense to share what you can after you can't use it anymore. Well, turns out it's a pretty big deal. After you died so suddenly and unexpectedly, I have been looking for any positives that can come from this experience. Anything to soften the blow and make it more "worth it" somehow, even though nothing can take away the pain or replace the

birthday 2016

Happy Birthday Becca

Dear Becca, Happy birthday! We all miss you so much. I struggle to put down words that capture how much I love you and what you mean to me and the kids. You are the center of our home and everything we do. We will never forget you and we will live our lives to honor you. That is the only gift left we can try to give you. As I look through old pictures of you I can't stop thinking about how beautiful you are. Since it's your birthday, I thought I'd share a couple birthday memories from most recent