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Donate Life: Becca’s Organ Donation Results

Dear Becca,

This past weekend we received a letter that brought so many mixed emotions. It was the results from Intermountain Donor Services. I know we never thought much about being organ donors — just seemed to make sense to share what you can after you can’t use it anymore. Well, turns out it’s a pretty big deal.

After you died so suddenly and unexpectedly, I have been looking for any positives that can come from this experience. Anything to soften the blow and make it more “worth it” somehow, even though nothing can take away the pain or replace the void. It just feels like the more good that can come, the more we honor you.

After reading the letter, I felt like *everyone* should register as an organ donor! Here’s an excerpt from the letter that captures most of the essence and the summary of results:

Becca organ donation

Wow. Another mom got your heart! That is pretty amazing. I cried plenty over that and the others as well. Somehow it made me miss you even more and wish that something could have saved you. I also felt proud of you — for being a donor and for being so healthy. The nurses and doctors kept commenting on how strong your heart rate was and I know that with your healthy diet and exercise, these good people are getting some strong healthy organs. Pretty cool.

I am happy for the families that were blessed by this experience and I feel like it is life giving and life changing for them. I feel like you would want to share this to inspire others to do the same. The kids and I sure will.

Love you,


PS — Learn more at Donate Life, where 121,000 people are waiting for an organ donation.

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    1. Thanks for sharing this Andrew. The first time I got my license, the thought of being a donor was hard to comprehend. I got over it and have been a donor for a decade or so, but this letter about Becca’s gift gives me such a warm feeling about it, in spite of the sadness I feel. Your sharing will help many others.

    1. This is just so amazing. Serving and quietly lifting others has been one of Beccas special talents, and it’s so fitting that she’d exit with her last acts being the gift of life to others. I’m simply amazed that women…mothers…will continue on because of her. She gave the gift of motherhood to you and Your kids, but she has now given the gift of mothering to these other women so personally and directly. I hope they know how awesome Becca is. I hope they know.

    1. Rebecca,

      Your life and legacy continues to bless people each day! We miss you and love you dear friend!

    1. Thanks for sharing this important message. I lost my sister in the early morning hours the day after Christmas. She was the mother of 6 and grandmother of 25. She would be celebrating her 40th wedding anniversary and her 60th birthday this month. She died awaiting a lung transplant. She suffered from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. A horrible and painful disease. However, in the midst of her suffering and losing her own life, she was still able to be a donor herself. Her courage and strength will never cease to amaze those of us who knew and loved her. I am so sorry for your loss, but thank you for encouraging others to become a donor, even through your own trials. Much Love to you and your family.

    1. Andrew, I always feel like it is such an honor that you let us in on these beautiful thoughts you share with Becca. I’m also so glad the details of Becca’s gifts have been shared with you. As I read this I felt many emotions all rolled up together-inspired, sad, grateful, tender, comforted. Thank you and Becca both for the way you continue to bless others.

    1. Oh how beautiful. I am so touched. Thank you so much for posting this and helping us to learn about organ donation. I love Becca.

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