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Esther Parsons Esther Parsons wrote on May 29, 2016 at 11:58 pm:
I can't imagine life without you, Becca. I'm so grateful I had all three of my children when I could use you as my constant lifeline and mentor; oh, how you influenced so many of my choices as a mother! From the way I gave birth to how I chose to teach my children, I was always watching and learning from you. Who will I call for help for every medical concern, or where can I go to get some breast milk for pink eye? I will miss you when I read a good young adult book that I know you would have loved and will treasure the books we read and discussed together. I'll think of you every time I watch So You Think You Can Dance and remember our good times eating treats and watching it together in my bed or on my couch. Your presence will be missed at every good dance party, your bouncing pony tail and tennis shoes are fixed in my mind. Music will always take me back to the concerts and good times we shared, what fun we had. I hate that I'm being forced to move forward and live the rest of this life without you, my mentor, my sister, my friend. How can I raise my children without you? I will need you so many more times in this life... I have to believe that Heavenly Father will not leave me all alone and I know that as I turn to Him I can find peace and comfort. I believe it, I count on it. I will need it. Happy Birthday Becca! I will always love and miss you.