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Heather Byrd Heather Byrd wrote on August 24, 2016 at 11:17 pm:
(email from Heather after the funeral) To Becca's Family, My heart is full of gratitude to your beautiful family - MaryAnn and Robert and children, and Andrew and children - for the Memorial Service yesterday. Often, funerals are thought of as something we do for the loved one we have lost, and those attending outside of the immediate family are supposed to be the support and comfort to those experiencing the greatest pain. In this case, however, your incredible faith, testimony and heavenly love were a profound blessing and comfort to me, and to all who attended. I am in awe, that in a time of such intense sorrow, pain and shock, you could find the faith and strength to lift all of us. I was so thankful to you for sharing some of the tender mercies you have experienced to help you find peace with the timing of Becca's death, which otherwise seems so cruel. To be able to see evidences of Heavenly Father's divine love and awareness brought peace to my heart that I had been struggling to find. And seeing the sorrow, but not despair, on your faces...I am in such awe of you all. Watching Annie's joy-filled countenance bursting with light and love as she sang at her own mother's funeral was one of the most sacred experiences I have ever had. After I could hardly sing the opening hymn myself out of sorrow for those precious children and what they have lost, I was so touched and amazed to see the faith of this sweet girl. I am so grateful to have known Becca. Her ability to combine determination and conviction with gentleness and serenity always amazed me. Her awareness of others and ability to show genuine love, her eternal perspective, and of course, her extraordinary mothering, will continue to bless my life and make me a better person. Thank you for finding a way, in your deepest sorrow and pain, to bring so much peace and comfort to others. And thank you for sharing your precious Becca with us during her short life, and even after her passing. I know that even with such inspiring faith as you have, there is a lot of pain and sorrow and difficulty ahead. My prayers, thoughts and heart will continue with you all. Much love and gratitude, Heather Byrd