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Brenda LaMont Brenda LaMont wrote on September 21, 2016 at 9:58 pm:
Although I didn't know Rebecca for very long, I have two memories stamped in my mind. The first was from last summer 2015. Our homeschool group ASA had the parents be in a goal setting class over the summer. Rebecca was in my group. For an hour a week I watched Rebecca's face online as we had our class. Rebecca spoke often of her desire to be a better mother, to raise her kids well, to know if she was good enough. There was such passion and love as she spoke of her children. I thought, "There's someone that is passionate about being the best mom she could be." I hoped to get to know her better. The second experience I had with Rebecca was while our boys were in Ecuador on the humanitarian trip. Their return planes were delayed so it was uncertain when they'd land in SLC. Rebecca and I texted throughout the night as we heard updates. When the time approached for the boys landing, I got a text from Rebecca apparently when she arrived at the airport saying "I must be the first one here. When are they coming?" Then a few minutes later another text, "They're here!!!!!!!!!" It made me smile to feel her excitement. As I've thought about the text conversation, I find it similar to Rebecca now. Again she's the first one there. Again she's waiting. What joy she will feel to see her family again, like she felt to see Tyler again. As my son Adam spoke of the great moments in Ecuador, Tyler was always apart of his stories. Adam spoke so highly of Tyler and was so glad Tyler went and that they could be roommates. As Adam spoke of Tyler, I thought of my summer class with Rebecca and thought how Rebecca was doing much better as a mother than she thought she was.